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About Ndumberi Coffee


Ndumberi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society (NCGCS) Limited was opened by the first Kenyan prime minister then, who later became the founding father of the Kenyan nation Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on 30th June 1962 and was subsequently registered with the Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing (MoCDM).

At the registration date the society had one (1) wet coffee processing mill with a total of 432 members. Today the society has 3 wet mills serving a membership of close to 3,000 whose benefit extends to over 10,000 families.

Ndumberi has a Board of Directors of 12 members elected in the year 2002. The management team has steered the society to the current level of performance and it is anticipated that over the Strategic plan period more emphasis will be laid on improving their leadership capacity through programmed training.

The annual coffee production is dependent on the cyclic production, the acreage under coffee, the number of trees under production and the actual productivity per tree. The cycle is such that one season leads from bumper to a lean crop.

The current coffee acreage owned by the small scale farmers in the three factories adds up to 2,952 thus giving an average of 1.1 coffee acres per member. This data was recorded in the last coffee census undertaken in the year 2006.


Primary Objective: The primary objective of the society is to promote coffee farming by the smallholders, processing the realizable cherry and marketing it on behalf of the members. The primary objective is supported by “stores for resale” that is secondary objective that facilitates the society in supplying farm inputs to the members to improve coffee farming.

Vision: To be a leader and producer of quality coffee in Central Province and Kenya as a whole.

Mission: To empower coffee farmers effectively and efficiently to produce quality coffee and improve their standard of living.

Goal: Poverty eradication by undertaking coffee farming as a business enterprise that aims for the high grades and classes for best rewards in prices.

Core Values: The society is a member of the Kenyan cooperative movement that is guided by the seven (7) Cooperative Principles namely:

Voluntary and Open Membership.

Democratic Member Control.

Economic Participation by members.

Autonomy and Independence.

Education, Training and Information.

Cooperation among Cooperatives.

Concern for Community in general.

Over the last 40 years these principles have created a spirit of co-operation within the membership of Ndumberi. This spirit has generated and promoted common working practices that have become to be the core values which are defined as:

Giving a Voice to the Members: Taking into account the views and opinions of the members in a consultative manner.

Member Participation: A participatory process involving the Board of Directors, staff and general members.

Member Ownership: Society activities are all-inclusive thereby guaranteeing ownership.

Transparency: Open and free access to information and decision making processes by all members.

Fair Remuneration : The higher the contribution and the quality of product delivered by a member to the Cooperative guarantees better returns.