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Our Partners

Progresso: Progresso has assisted in the establishment of a Quality control laboratory that has helped in determining the quality of our deliveries before the coffee goes to market. It has also helped in training the Society manager and our 3 factory managers on quality analysis of our coffee.

Technical Assistance Fund (TAF): With the support of Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) we have provided numerous trainings to farmers, committee members and staff. These trainings have a great impact on the coffee production hence raising the production from an annual production of 0.5 to currently 2.0 million kilograms of cherry. The society has since then experienced continuous growth of coffee production and quality improvement.

Coffee Management Services (CMS): CMS aims to offer unrivalled cost effective farm management and advisory services using the latest research and technology ensuring sustainable returns to farmers in East Africa. This will assist the farmer to access the coffee markets whose consumer demand for coffee grown using economically, socially and environmentally sustainable practices is ever increasing.

Volcafe: Volcafe operates a world-wide coffee procurement network with access to 86% of world production, and with infrastructure of buying centres, warehouses, processing facilities and export logistics, Volcafe can purchase, process and prepare coffee according to the clients’ precise requirements.

Other partners include Solidad, Ministry of Cooperative Development, Coffee research stations and many other organisations involved in development of coffee farming.